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George Fishburne is an author several times over but at his core, He is merely a writer whose true gift is editing. His passion for writing in general and editing in particular comes from a thirst born out of a litany of life encounters and powerful rebound experiences.

Over a lifetime, George has channeled his career experiences as an educator, drug counselor, case manager, investigator, and minister into a walking and breathing storyboard. His gifts have not only been for his benefit but have also worked in spades to the advantage and growth of his clients, students, and supporters.

His love for his late daughter, Mikayla Courtney has and continues to be the driving and guiding force behind the power and poignancy of his coaching, workshops, symposiums, conferences, and seminars.

With a Bachelor’s of English Degree in Organizational Communications from the historic Florida Memorial University, a Master’s of Public Administration Degree in Corporate Management from Central Michigan University, and a Master’s of Divinity Degree from Columbia Theological Seminary, George is more than equipped to transform your fleeting thoughts to enduring words.

On the off chance that he wanders away from the screen and keyboard, fried fish along with an ice-cold Pepsi - an action flick in the background will do just fine.

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