Elder Fishburne's extensive Christian and inspirational literary experience has equipped him to provide professional, comprehensive and thoughtful advice and counsel on your literary project and its content. He offers an array of literary services which are listed below. They include:

  • Manuscript Evaluation

    We offer two evaluation options which include a preliminary book manuscript evaluation and a comprehensive manuscript evaluation.

    • Preliminary Manuscript Evaluation

      If you are you at crossroads in relation to the content and development of your book manuscript, a preliminary manuscript evaluation could be both the mostly timely and important investment you make in your project. Through this cost conscience service, you will receive a comprehensive and written assessment of your book manuscript's strengths and weaknesses.

    • Comprehensive Manuscript Evaluation

      In addition to a comprehensive written assessment of your book manuscript, the Comprehensive Manuscript Evaluation will include the following: 1) suggested strategy regarding how to resolve identified weaknesses; 2) assessment of marketing potential and audience appeal; 3) two two-hour consultations to discuss the project; 4) assessment of publishing potential; 5) a proven road map to improve existing content, incomplete story lines and symmetry and 6) a projected timeline for your specific project that takes into account the recommended modifications and a basic action plan to facilitate the timely achievement of stated project goals.

  • Writing and Ghostwriting Services

    At a loss for words? The proverbial cat got your tongue? No need to fret because we offer writing and ghostwriting to professionals that don't have the time to craft a literary work. We can help you make your publishing goals a reality by ghostwriting your book for you. Throughout the writing process, we will work closely with you to produce a book that reflects your concept and vision. Our extensive research capabilities equip us to evaluate the subject matter and pen a book from scratch. Our fees for these services are competitive and we will gladly provide you with a complimentary and confidential project quote and preliminary timeline.

  • Book Editing

    The thought of reviewing and even editing a book manuscript can be intimidating and even frightening. When people think of manuscript editing, they usually think of copyeditingin which grammatical and other mechanical aspects of a manuscript are improved. There are other types of book editing such as: developmental (content) editing or substantive (line by line) editing which emphasize content revision and reorganization to bring a book into line with existing publishing standards and to make it more competitive with similar books. We offer book editing services with emphasis on bringing clarity to your message and subject matter. In consultation with the client we determine the editing service best suited for the literary project and apply it appropriately.
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