A Higher Calling: Serving God, His Leaders and His People With Excellence

He who is greatest among you, let him serve. There are no words other than these, which fully and fairly capture the essence of the Christian mission and ministry. The noble call of service unto others is unlike any other for it requires the tried and true blend of humility, loyalty, and unselfishness.

With nearly two and a half decades of success and sacrifice under the servant's mantle,

Elder George Fishburne Jr. explores this worthy call and its incalculable cost of time, treasure, and talent. In A Higher Calling: Serving God, His Leaders, And His People With Excellence, he reveals biblical truths and exposes man made myths concerning issues pertinent to:

  • How to determine what your 'calling' is.
  • The difference between an adjutant and armor-bearer.
  • Whether you possess a servant's heart.
  • How leadership affects servants.
  • How to merge excellence with your calling.
  • How to properly care for special guests.
  • How to maneuver through the many 'seasons' that God sends in our lives.

All these insights and so much more are explained in A Higher Calling: Serving God, His Leaders, And His People With Excellence. W e are all servants in our own right and it is imperative that we learn of and adopt God's 'platinum card standard' for service in the kingdom.

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