The central ministry focus of A Higher Calling Consultants is to provide practical, technically sound consultation and instruction in relation to armor-bearer training, leadership development, organizational design creation, and related implementation. AHCC also provides lectures and consultation correlated to infrastructure creation and modification, staffing essentials, church growth management, and strategic planning for houses of worship, not for profit organizations and small to moderate size businesses. AHCC is a full service consulting ministry that develops specialized plans of action that assist our clientele in visualizing and “touching” the solution to its dilemmas.  

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 5763
Douglasville, GA 30154


Workshops offered by AHCC can be customized to accommodate your vision and ministry focus. The roster of workshops include but are not limited the following:

God's Armor-bearer: Armed and Prepared To Serve
An armor-bearer is expected to serve with diligence, professionalism, excellence, and most importantly in ambiguity. Through an in-depth presentation, attendees are taught the essentials related to serving as an effective and God-centered adjutant, armor-bearer, and personal assistant. Additionally, participants are tutored on the importance of insuring that acts of sincere and comprehensive service extend to other believers.

Organizing the Organization: The Importance of Infrastructure and Organizational Design Selection
Participants are given specific and timely instruction related to identifying and installing the proper infrastructure and operational system for their respective organization. Issues related to organizational, management structure are addressed in-depth, and related recommendations are rendered through consultation with that organization and its leadership.

Staffing Essentials: Great People Equal Greater Ministry
Attendees receive detailed guidance and insight concerning the process for identifying and placing competent and well-equipped staff members into your organization. Subject matter including how to identify individual gifts, talents, and passions as well as how to incorporate them into your organization is prominent in this presentation.

Developing Servant Leaders for Contemporary and Comprehensive Ministry
Workshop explores the biblical process by which servant leaders are equipped, fortified, and nurtured. Through the diligent and specific fostering of integrity, excellence, humility organization, reliability, and loyalty, attendees are introduced to and immersed in a servant leadership training culture that removes excuses and unprofessionalism and replaces them with consistent performance, planning, and organization. Specific sub-workshop study regimens are available for ministers, deacons, trustees, stewards, full-time staff, administrative staff, and ministry leaders.    

Growth Management: Its Challenges, Choices, and Changes
Anything that grows automatically changes and with those changes comes growing pains, indecision, and sometimes chaos. Participants receive mentoring and guidance in preparation for organizational growth and the related changes and shifts in the functioning of day-to-day operations. Appropriate processes for the reallocation of resources, strategic plan creation and modification, transition management and crisis management are dissected and explored in detail in this workshop.

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